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Moby Wrap

The B Keeps Us Honest teamed up with Moby Wrap to offering a lucky reader, their very own Moby Wrap. I’d like to get a Moby Wrap myself! If you want a chance to win a Moby yourself, come over and enter!


Moby Wrap #2

Remember this Moby Wrap giveaway, that I posted about earlier? Well, if you’re interested, here’s another one. I really like baby wearing and hope to do it with my own someday. The Eco-Friendly Family is offering the winner a solid color moby wrap. So come on and enter. I did.

Moby Wrap

A friend at our church wore her little boy in a Moby wrap and I really liked how the baby was snuggled close with no danger of falling. You can win a Moby wrap for your little one too. Just go to Sugar Pop Ribbons and enter.