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$25 Gift Certificate to Vision Forum

My family loves to shop at Vision Forum for Christmas presents. My younger sister got her ‘big girl’ doll from them and the rest of us love to get books and movies. Every time the catalog comes, we sit down and write our wish lists. Lori from At the Fence is offering a lucky reader a $25 gift certificate to Vision Forum. I’d really like to win this giveaway!

Homestead Company

Several members of my family have eczema. Jumpin-Bean is offering a lucky reader a $40 gift certificateĀ  to Homestead Company. I’d really like to win this giveaway!

ShopAtHome $100 gift certificate

I signed up for ShopAtHome awhile ago and was really excited when I saw this giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to the store of your choice at ShopAtHome from Luv a Bargain. I would really like to win this and get a certificate to Amazon for Christmas shopping! Are you interested in this giveaway? Come on over and enter!

$25 gift certificate

My family has stopped by the Creation Museum twice now. Both times on our way up to see my Grandma in Minnesota. I loved touring the museum and most of all I loved the bookstore. I do believe that my family could have spent days in the bookstore just deciding what to get. Lori @ Wife of a Street Preacher is hosting a giveaway, a $25 gift certificate to Answers in Genesis. Come on over and enter. I did.